Mud SuckerĀ® mechanical AOD siphon makers choice. Air worked stomach siphons (AOD) serve the necessities of preparing ventures, petrochemical creation and more with a selection of materials of development for your application. This siphon series is accessible with FDA consistent models, scraped spot safe models and destructive liquid siphoning designs. Mud Sucker Air driven series are accessible with 1″(38 mm), 1-1/2″ (38 mm), 2″ (50 mm) and 3″ (76 mm) association sizes. Application explicit materials of development, for example, FDA agreeable internals, scraped area safe flappers and stomachs for synthetic compounds, solvents and non dissolvable siphoning applications are accessible.

Mud Sucker mechanical AOD siphons offer a less confounded technique to siphon wastewater and solids versus conventional AOD style siphons. The Mud Sucker includes an inline stream way to beneficially siphon liquids contrasted with the exciting bends in the road that are normal in traditional AOD siphons.

Wastecorp plans and makes both A china Mud pump bearing OD and AODD siphons. Mud Sucker models are fit for siphoning from 10-220 GPM using the siphon business’ best air drives and accessible controllers and silencers.

Mud Sucker AOD siphons are offered in a few custom setups to adjust to your exceptional liquid taking care of climate. We offer wheel packs and control frameworks for a wide range of territory and most liquid sorts.