What is a portable generator

Overview of portable generators

portable generator The portable generator is also called a mobile power station. Its design is unique and innovative, with high mobility, low center of gravity, safe braking, sophisticated manufacturing and beautiful appearance. The trailer frame of the portable generator set is welded by groove beams, with reasonable node selection, high strength and good rigidity; at the same time, it is equipped with a leaf spring suspension structure. The trailer adopts a height-adjustable bolt-type traction frame, which is suitable for various height tractors; it adopts circular steel pipe welded through-type axles, which is compact in structure, safe and reliable. The four corners of the frame are equipped with mechanical support devices, equipped with inertial service brake, parking Quality 50HZ Perkins Diesel Generator hotsale and escape emergency brake to ensure the safety of the unit under various conditions. The front end of the frame is equipped with support wheels, which have the function of bearing the vertical load of the unit and also have the guiding function. The vehicle is equipped with steering and brake indicator lights, and a standard plug for taillights.

The mobile unit adopts international advanced modular design, and each tooling is in accordance with strict design requirements. Each tooling is stamped and formed at one time to achieve standardized output of each tooling, and each product is a standard, which conforms to the national standard GB/T2819-1995.

The humanized design not only guarantees a high degree of safety, but also improves the convenience of use. The customer logo can be directly die-cast on the product, and the product can be integrated into the customer’s entire environmental system.

The good ventilation system design and the waterproof and anti-spatter air intake system ensure that the unit always works at a suitable ambient temperature. The mechanical design and high-efficiency shock absorption facilities reduce the resonance of the unit and ensure the balanced operation of the unit. Ultra-low mobile chassis, safe brake system, and hoisting settings are designed to make the equipment more convenient to move and place, and it is more stable and safe to use. Each mobile power station is equipped with a spare tire, which is ready for long-term use. The product has undergone strict wind test, vibration test and temperature rise test to ensure that the product runs well and has stable and reliable performance.

The working doors on both sides of the outer cover adopt a top-opening design, equipped with hydraulic support, which is convenient to open, and the unit is more convenient to use and maintain; at the same time, the all-stainless steel door lock is adopted to avoid problems such as rust after wind and sun, and increase weather resistance . Some models are equipped with vacuum tires to ensure stable operation of the unit under different road conditions.

Classification of portable generators

The portable generator series have a variety of structures and functions: hand-push, three-wheel, four-wheel, automobile power station, trailer power station, mobile low-noise power station, mobile container power station, electric engineering vehicle, etc. With reference to the structure of many foreign mobile power stations, our company has designed and produced it with good operational performance and safety performance. The following configuration options are available: ① Traction: using movable hooks, 180° turntable, flexible steering, and convenient operation. ② Braking: At the same time, it has a reliable air brake interface and a manual brake system to ensure safety during driving. ③ Support: In order to ensure the stability of the power car during operation, it is equipped with 4R mechanical or hydraulic support devices. ④ Doors and windows: there are ventilation windows at the front, side doors at the rear, and doors on both sides for the operators to enter and exit. ⑤ Car box size: The car box size is determined according to the specifications. The operator can walk around, which is convenient for operation and maintenance. ⑥Appearance: The paint adopts polymer polyurethane paint, the color can be customized by the user, and the exhaust pipe adopts upper exhaust or lower exhaust to ensure beautiful appearance. The characters and decorations on the exterior of the car box can be made according to user requirements. ⑦ Fire fighting: Two fire extinguishers can be equipped with the vehicle. (Optional)

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