The shape and structure of the diaphragm filter machine is similar to the shape and structure of the plate and the frame filter

The shape and structure of the diaphragm filter machine is similar to the plate and frame The shape and structure of the filter press. The frame and side rails are cold rolled parts. The filtration unit consists of a plurality of alternate filter plates and filter frames, and filter cloth covers the filter plate. The panels and frames are typically made of polypropylene, and polypropylene is typically made of polypropylene, and some are made of cotton, nylon, polyester or other synthetic materials. During the operation of the diaphragm filter, the sprocket pin structure and other structures can be frozen from each other during long-term contact, and if the diaphragm filter is used for the separation of pulverized coal filtration, a large amount of dust is produced. In addition, the device itself has no dustproof device. During the filtration and separation of pulverization, dust and solid particles entered the inside of the membrane filter unit, increasing the friction between the components of the device. If we do not take effective measures to relieve this problem, from the long run, it will inevitably lead to severe wear of the throttle pin and sprocket pin holes of the diaphragm filter, which is difficult to meet the requirements of high load continuous production.

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In the later, the service life of the overall diaphragm filter is also very large. In order to solve the above problems, the bearing mounting holes are placed in the center of the sprocket according to the corresponding specified, and should prevent the ball from entering the mounting hole, and a portion of the diaphragm internally can be reduced by sliding friction. friction. In addition, the dustproof device should be installed inside the device, and the filtering and separation process of the pulverized coal should be strictly controlled. External dust and solid particles enter the inside of the device to ensure that the equipment sprocket operates in a closed state, effectively avoiding diaphragm pressure filtering mechanical chain pin and sprocket. Excessive wear of the pinhole ensures the stability of the diaphragm filter sprocket. The filter frame is pressed on the filter plate by hydraulic filter. The diaphragm filter is different from the conventional plate frame filter press that the filter frame is a diaphragm frame, and the filter frame of the diaphragm filter is covered with a flexible diaphragm and the diaphragm is fixed to the diaphragm frame. The separator material includes polypropylene, synthetic rubber or heat shrinkage-zero rubber. Some special materials can also be applied, such as PVDF. The feed passage is formed at the center or corner of the filter plate, and the filtration chamber is formed between the filter plate and the filter frame. The film is impermeable and the filter cake used in compression chambers after the filtration process is completed. In order to make the diaphragm filter machine more operation, liquid and gas can be used as the diaphragm filler medium according to the extrusion pressure. To ensure safe and efficient use of various diaphragm filler media, the filter machine usually uses automatic control and special security systems. The water injection expansion is as high as 3 MPa, allowing higher extrusion pressure to be allowed under special conditions.