Photovoltaic support design planning steps

The photovoltaic scaffold roof system was built in the early stage, paying attention to the structure type of the roof, and the tile structure is still the color steel tile. Prepare the necessary measurement and inspection tools. Understand the necessary information for the construction, obtain the house structure map, and help to calculate detailed parameters such as roof load.

Detect the orientation and orientation of the roof, the skewed viewpoint, and so on. The scale of the roof structure, such as the tile type, the tile scale, the dimensions and distance of the main beam, the beam, and so on. Fully survey and construct the surrounding environment, such as obstructions. Understand future planning between regions to facilitate long-term use of the stent system.l Profile steel Manufacturers

Photovoltaic support design planning steps

1, Geographical location

Determine the geographical location of the mounting bracket, located in the north latitude, east longitude, etc. in order to choose the best angle.

2, climatic conditions

Understand the basic conditions of the local spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons, temperature, rainfall, wind, etc., to ensure that the design is realistic.

3, photovoltaic bracket square array design

The placement and placement angle of the PV module square matrix, azimuth and inclination angle calculation should be considered in combination with the following requirements: continuity uniformity and maximumity. The inclination and azimuth need to be consistent.

4, the calculation of stent strength

The design of the photovoltaic support requires that the support can bear various loads, and the material selection and quantity of the support should be considered, and the strength should be determined.

5, grounding lightning protection

Preventing lightning strikes and system leakage causes various safety accidents. Therefore, it is necessary to embed the grounding body in the foundation construction. In addition, lightning rods are also necessary. It is considered that the installation is best attached to the vicinity of the distribution room and the grounding body to facilitate installation and fixation.

Profile steel is an ideal steel material

Profile steel is an ideal steel material that can be used to make many products, including welded balls. Then everyone knows how to use C-profile steel to make welded balls? It seems that it is still necessary for experts to introduce us. There are two commonly used methods for making solder balls, one is hot rolling and the other is cold rolling. The welding balls appearing on the market are basically hot rolled. First, the steel plate blank is hot rolled into a hemisphere, and then a sphere is formed by means of loading and unloading processing and assembly welding. steel c profile manufacturer

Profile steel is an ideal steel material

The welded ball produced in this way has a fatal weakness, which is easy to produce uneven wall thickness. As for the roundness of the C-shaped steel ball, it must be controlled in the state to avoid large errors. Otherwise, it will not only affect the assembly size of the ball, but also cause the node to be eccentric, making the finished ball diameter smaller.

If the steel is compared with the steel of the same strength, it can save 30% of the material, and the Z-shaped steel does not need to be processed during the molding process, and there is no carbon and harmful gases. There is no pollution to our environment. The dimensions of the steel structure warehouse section are very high precision, and the length of the steel structure can be designed and cut according to specific needs.

The delivery time of Z-profile steel is very short, and it is very convenient when it is used for construction and installation, which can effectively shorten our construction period. Moreover, our Z-shaped steel can also be designed according to the specific production needs of customers. In a certain range, it can be combined and produced at will. So now we will find that many people will choose Z-shaped steel, and Z-shaped steel is slowly developing.z profile steel manufacturer

The working principle of the steel is mainly to place the steel on the cold bending machine, and after contacting the roller driven by the reducer, the pressing handle is fed tightly to start the motor oil pump set, and the high pressure oil output by the electric oil pump passes through the overflow valve. In this process, the required pressure can be adjusted to enter the block into the electro-hydraulic valve. The electro-hydraulic valve and the jog switch control the cylinder to work, the working cylinder advances, and the pressing of the I-beam and the three supporting rollers does not occur. When the bending deformation starts, the length of the cylinder re-propulsion is 10mm-15mm each time. The main motor is turned forward or reversed. The main motor drives the I-beam to work repeatedly.

Like other cold-formed steels, the problem faced in the production of steel profiles is the problem of internal stress. Due to the large internal stress of the material, once it is put into use, it may be deformed, which may affect its use. Where do these stresses come from? The stress of cold-formed C profile steel cannot be avoided. In the process of unwinding, rolling shearing, and closing of cold-formed C-profile steel, certain internal stresses are added, mainly due to mechanical forcing deformation.

Cold-formed steel C profile has a certain stress. In addition, if the steel structure warehouse is not sprayed with a primer, the rust and passivation process will also release its internal stress, causing bending and twisting. In the absence of any way to avoid, the stress can only be reduced by reasonable operation. As manufacturers and users, it is also necessary to focus on this issue to ensure that cold-formed C-section steel can be widely used.

Inspection and maintenance method of photovoltaic modules

Photovoltaic modules are the core components of photovoltaic power generation. In order to operate normally in photovoltaic power plants, it is necessary to inspect and maintain the components of photovoltaic power plants. Solar modules: also called solar panels, usually by solar cells, according to a certain power. z profile steel supplier,And size requirements, a set of power generation units consisting of circuit connections and packaged together by a frame. The components are the basic building blocks of a photovoltaic power generation system.

1.Actively check the ash and dirt of the components. If the ash and dirt are serious, it is necessary to arrange cleaning.

Inspection and maintenance method of photovoltaic modules

2.Fully understand the parameters of PV modules, make detailed operation and maintenance plans for targeted operation and maintenance of PV modules, and make plans according to requirements.

3.The choice of cleaning time

The cleaning of photovoltaic modules of photovoltaic power plants should be carried out in the morning, evening, night or rainy days. It is strictly forbidden to choose cleaning before or after noon or during periods of strong sunlight. Mainly consider the following two reasons: to prevent the loss of photovoltaic array power generation caused by artificial shadows, and even the hot spot effect; the surface temperature of the components is quite high at noon or when the light is good, preventing cold water from causing glass or glass surface Component damage.

At the same time, in the morning and evening cleaning, it is also necessary to select the time period when the sunlight is weak. It is also conceivable to carry out cleaning work in sometimes rainy weather. At this time, the cleaning process is relatively efficient and thorough because of the help of precipitation. The cleaning process should pay attention to personnel safety and wear safety equipment to prevent leakage and bumps. It is strictly forbidden to step on or otherwise borrow the component board and bracket during the cleaning process.

Cleaning cycle and area planning. Since large-scale photovoltaic power plants occupy a large area, the number of components is large, and the time required for cleaning operations is short every day, the cleaning of photovoltaic power plants needs to be planned according to the electrical structure of the power station to reduce the loss of power generation. steps.

Conventional cleaning can be divided into general cleaning and rinsing cleaning.

One.Ordinary cleaning, use a dry small broom or rag to sweep off the surface of the PV module such as dry floating ash, leaves, etc. For hard foreign objects such as dirt, bird droppings, and viscous objects attached to the glass, scraping may be performed with a slightly hard blade or gauze, but care must be taken not to use a hard material to scratch and prevent damage to the glass surface. Whether it is necessary to perform cleaning and cleaning in terms of cleaning effect. omega profile manufacturer

Two.Rinse and clean. For objects that are close to the glass and have stains such as bird droppings, plant juice, or wet soil, which cannot be cleaned, they need to be cleaned. The cleaning process is generally carried out with clean water and with a flexible brush. If oily dirt or the like is encountered, the contaminated area may be separately cleaned with detergent or soapy water.

Note: Wipe the PV module with a dry or damp soft and clean cloth. Do not use corrosive solvents or wipe the PV module with a hard object. The PV module should be cleaned at an irradiance of less than 200W/m2. Liquid cleaning components with large temperature difference of components; it is strictly forbidden to clean PV modules under meteorological conditions with wind force greater than 4, heavy rain or heavy snow; the warning signs on the PV modules must not be lost; check the connection of the junction boxes of the components, whether there is looseness or heat , discoloration phenomenon, and timely processing.

The US solar industry is highly competitive

Today, the US solar industry is highly competitive. Wood Mackenzie Power&Renewables pointed out that “fierce competition” is one reason for the increase in customer acquisition costs, as installers “spend more money to win the bid.” Resolving competition is an essential part of most solar sales conversations.

However, talking about sales competition in a conversation with potential customers requires careful consideration steel c profile manufacturer. This is especially true given the sensitivity of the topic and the fact that potential customers may not have been sold on solar energy itself, let alone who will install it. Wood Mackenzie reports that “solar companies are more likely to lose uncertainty and doubt than other competitors.”

The US solar industry is highly competitive

Consider the challenges customers get and avoid mistakes in conversations with potential customers, especially about how you discuss sales competition.

Choose the right time to drive sales competition

NREL researcher Ben Sigrin discusses the danger of criticizing competition before customers completely sell solar energy. The researchers acknowledged the need to “oppose competitors,” but claimed that “when solar potential customers are not fully involved in solar energy, doing so will not only hurt your competitors, but also hurt you.”

He suggested that understanding the various stages of the lead customer decision process can help contractors effectively cope with competition. He described the idea of ​​awareness and interest before the assessment process, when the client weighed the contractor’s choice.

Letting customers transcend the awareness phase means avoiding intimidation tactics. As West Green admits, “There is no doubt that trying to attract customers by inciting others with some good, old-fashioned FUD is tempting. – Fear, uncertainty and doubt.” However, in Using such a strategy in your sales strategy is more likely to scare away the prospects away from solar energy.

Understand the customer’s decision-making process

Research shows the value of understanding the customer decision stage. The underlying idea is that consumers make purchases at various stages in their sales conversations. The funnel is a useful metaphor for understanding how this process happens. This is because as consumers go through various stages, the number of viable customers will decrease. Selected products that reach the bottom of the funnel have evolved to the point where they can be purchased.sino east steel group co ltd

The stages associated with solar energy include: awareness (about solar energy and what it can provide), interest (the enthusiasm and/or feelings about solar energy ideas are feasible for them), decisions (assessing various suppliers) and actions (commitment) ) buy the system). The final stage is publicity (as a solar energy ambassador).

Try to find out where your potential customers are in your solar sales conversation. This can help you and your sales team members meet their needs and avoid any mistakes. This is especially useful given that potential customers may be talking from different angles.

What is galvanized steel z profile

Galvanized steel z profile are the structural means used in many architectural designs today. Compared with high-rise reinforced concrete structures, hot-dip galvanized Z-beams are generally softer in high-rise steel structures, and have a larger lateral displacement value under wind loads and earthquakes. If the building has a large swing under the influence of gusts Or reverse, will have a great impact on the human body’s feelings, often make people feel uncomfortable, and sometimes even intolerable, the human body is sensitive to wind vibration acceleration, in order to ensure that the high-rise steel structural engineering building has a good work under the wind in the living environment, it is necessary to limit the acceleration parallel to the direction of the wind load and the direction perpendicular to the wind load.

What is galvanized steel z profile

When the lateral deformation of a building under wind load or multiple earthquakes is too large, it will cause damage to the building decoration materials and damage of non-structural members, resulting in residual deformation in the steel structural engineering components. In the case of earthquakes, if the deformation of the steel structure works, it will cause great effects, and the serious damage of the non-structural components will also cause personal injury.

Like other cold-formed steels, the problem in the production process of hot-dip galvanized Z-shaped steel is the problem of internal stress. Due to the large internal stress of the material, once it is put into use, it may be deformed, which may affect its use.

Hot-dip galvanized Z-beam is a cost-effective steel that plays a major role in the field of engineering and construction. Hot-dip galvanized Z-shaped steel can produce various complicated sections. Compared with hot-rolled steel, it has the advantages of reasonable cross-section shape, light weight and high strength.

At the same time, it increases the strength in cold-bending processing, compared with the general hot-rolled steel. The component saves steel by 10%~50%, and its product quality is good, the surface is smooth, the dimensional precision is high, the profile is flexible, the energy consumption in production is low, the finished product rate is high, and the metal loss is small. In the construction project, the use of Z-shaped steel can improve the comprehensive economic benefits, reduce the weight of the building, improve the degree of component factory, facilitate construction and shorten the construction period.

Hot-dip galvanized Z-shaped steel products have a wide range of applications in the industry, which is a fact that everyone knows, especially in steel structures. In fact, in addition to this, the use of z-shaped steel in the mine has also been more affirmed, which aspects are mainly included? First of all, in the mine, some supporting support parts are inevitably used, in order to ensure the stability of the parts, the basic selection All of them are z profile steels.steel omega profile manufacturers

It can be seen as an ideal choice for mine roadways, secondary support for mine roadways, and support for mountain tunnels. Secondly, the shrinkable metal brackets of mine roadways are also made of z profile steel, which effectively solves the support problems of the mine during the excavation process, and at the same time, it can be contracted, stabilized and loaded. There has been a noticeable improvement. The use of hot-dip galvanized Z profile steel is also very helpful to improve the stability of the mine ventilation system, so various safety accidents during the operation can also be avoided. In summary, z profile steel has greatly improved the safe production conditions of the mine, thus bringing more security and economic benefits to the enterprise.

Solar bracket steel z profile

Solar bracket steel z profile is often widely used in various steel structures, and the product will certainly have requirements when designing the outer frame structure to meet the needs of different occasions. Below we have to discuss this topic to see what skills are available? In the high-rise steel structure, in order to improve its stability, steel-concrete composite structures are usually adopted, and the bearing capacity is transmitted to the structure by direct lines. In order to pursue economy, the cylinder is selected in the form of a frame. In order to ensure the use of C-shaped steel in the steel structure, the cutting of the steel should be carried out on the shearing machine or on the sawing machine as much as possible, especially for the thin-walled steel roof truss, so as to ensure the precise cutting. This way not only improves work efficiency, but also guarantees quality.

Solar bracket steel z profile

The case where the solar bracket Z-shaped steel often appears is in the building construction, that is to say, the steel is advantageous as a building material, and it has not only strong firmness but also high stability. In the same application, compared with the aluminum alloy used before, the solar bracket Z-shaped steel not only has the advantages of unique shape and reduced usage, but also has good environmental protection. In various building constructions, the movable room is a big beneficiary of C-shaped steel. Not only can the coffin of the movable room be C-shaped steel, but the bracket and beam are made of this material. In addition, it can also be combined into lightweight building trusses, brackets and other building components to meet different usage requirements. In order to facilitate the processing of steel c profile, in addition to the special C-shaped steel forming machine, the processing of different types of C-shaped steel can be automatically completed according to the size required by customers. Of course, with the development of C-shaped steel, its application is far more than this, and it will be in various fields of various industries.

Solar bracket Z profile steel can produce various complicated sections. Compared with hot-rolled steel, it has the advantages of reasonable cross-section shape, light weight and high strength. At the same time, it improves the strength in cold bending, and its product quality is good and the surface is smooth. High dimensional accuracy, flexible profile, low energy consumption in production, high yield, and low metal loss. In the construction project, the use of C-shaped steel can improve the comprehensive economic benefits, reduce the weight of the building, improve the degree of component factory, facilitate construction and shorten the construction period. These will provide a broad space for the development of C-shaped steel. It is widely used in steel slabs and wall beams, and can also be combined into lightweight building trusses, brackets and other building components. Taking C-shaped steel as an example, it adopts high-strength steel plate, which is formed by cold-bending and rolling, has the advantages of adjustable size, excellent cross-section performance and high compressive strength. The use of C-shaped steel in the building structure can reduce the weight of building roof. Reducing the amount of steel used in engineering is the only alternative to angle steel and channel steel. 30% metal savings in the same cross-sectional dimensions. It is widely used in various fields of the national economy, such as steel frame structure plants, automobiles, railway guardrails, ship bridges and so on.