The US solar industry is highly competitive

Today, the US solar industry is highly competitive. Wood Mackenzie Power&Renewables pointed out that “fierce competition” is one reason for the increase in customer acquisition costs, as installers “spend more money to win the bid.” Resolving competition is an essential part of most solar sales conversations.

However, talking about sales competition in a conversation with potential customers requires careful consideration steel c profile manufacturer. This is especially true given the sensitivity of the topic and the fact that potential customers may not have been sold on solar energy itself, let alone who will install it. Wood Mackenzie reports that “solar companies are more likely to lose uncertainty and doubt than other competitors.”

The US solar industry is highly competitive

Consider the challenges customers get and avoid mistakes in conversations with potential customers, especially about how you discuss sales competition.

Choose the right time to drive sales competition

NREL researcher Ben Sigrin discusses the danger of criticizing competition before customers completely sell solar energy. The researchers acknowledged the need to “oppose competitors,” but claimed that “when solar potential customers are not fully involved in solar energy, doing so will not only hurt your competitors, but also hurt you.”

He suggested that understanding the various stages of the lead customer decision process can help contractors effectively cope with competition. He described the idea of ​​awareness and interest before the assessment process, when the client weighed the contractor’s choice.

Letting customers transcend the awareness phase means avoiding intimidation tactics. As West Green admits, “There is no doubt that trying to attract customers by inciting others with some good, old-fashioned FUD is tempting. – Fear, uncertainty and doubt.” However, in Using such a strategy in your sales strategy is more likely to scare away the prospects away from solar energy.

Understand the customer’s decision-making process

Research shows the value of understanding the customer decision stage. The underlying idea is that consumers make purchases at various stages in their sales conversations. The funnel is a useful metaphor for understanding how this process happens. This is because as consumers go through various stages, the number of viable customers will decrease. Selected products that reach the bottom of the funnel have evolved to the point where they can be purchased.sino east steel group co ltd

The stages associated with solar energy include: awareness (about solar energy and what it can provide), interest (the enthusiasm and/or feelings about solar energy ideas are feasible for them), decisions (assessing various suppliers) and actions (commitment) ) buy the system). The final stage is publicity (as a solar energy ambassador).

Try to find out where your potential customers are in your solar sales conversation. This can help you and your sales team members meet their needs and avoid any mistakes. This is especially useful given that potential customers may be talking from different angles.

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