Profile steel is an ideal steel material

Profile steel is an ideal steel material that can be used to make many products, including welded balls. Then everyone knows how to use C-profile steel to make welded balls? It seems that it is still necessary for experts to introduce us. There are two commonly used methods for making solder balls, one is hot rolling and the other is cold rolling. The welding balls appearing on the market are basically hot rolled. First, the steel plate blank is hot rolled into a hemisphere, and then a sphere is formed by means of loading and unloading processing and assembly welding. steel c profile manufacturer

Profile steel is an ideal steel material

The welded ball produced in this way has a fatal weakness, which is easy to produce uneven wall thickness. As for the roundness of the C-shaped steel ball, it must be controlled in the state to avoid large errors. Otherwise, it will not only affect the assembly size of the ball, but also cause the node to be eccentric, making the finished ball diameter smaller.

If the steel is compared with the steel of the same strength, it can save 30% of the material, and the Z-shaped steel does not need to be processed during the molding process, and there is no carbon and harmful gases. There is no pollution to our environment. The dimensions of the steel structure warehouse section are very high precision, and the length of the steel structure can be designed and cut according to specific needs.

The delivery time of Z-profile steel is very short, and it is very convenient when it is used for construction and installation, which can effectively shorten our construction period. Moreover, our Z-shaped steel can also be designed according to the specific production needs of customers. In a certain range, it can be combined and produced at will. So now we will find that many people will choose Z-shaped steel, and Z-shaped steel is slowly developing.z profile steel manufacturer

The working principle of the steel is mainly to place the steel on the cold bending machine, and after contacting the roller driven by the reducer, the pressing handle is fed tightly to start the motor oil pump set, and the high pressure oil output by the electric oil pump passes through the overflow valve. In this process, the required pressure can be adjusted to enter the block into the electro-hydraulic valve. The electro-hydraulic valve and the jog switch control the cylinder to work, the working cylinder advances, and the pressing of the I-beam and the three supporting rollers does not occur. When the bending deformation starts, the length of the cylinder re-propulsion is 10mm-15mm each time. The main motor is turned forward or reversed. The main motor drives the I-beam to work repeatedly.

Like other cold-formed steels, the problem faced in the production of steel profiles is the problem of internal stress. Due to the large internal stress of the material, once it is put into use, it may be deformed, which may affect its use. Where do these stresses come from? The stress of cold-formed C profile steel cannot be avoided. In the process of unwinding, rolling shearing, and closing of cold-formed C-profile steel, certain internal stresses are added, mainly due to mechanical forcing deformation.

Cold-formed steel C profile has a certain stress. In addition, if the steel structure warehouse is not sprayed with a primer, the rust and passivation process will also release its internal stress, causing bending and twisting. In the absence of any way to avoid, the stress can only be reduced by reasonable operation. As manufacturers and users, it is also necessary to focus on this issue to ensure that cold-formed C-section steel can be widely used.

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